VIP Magic Days with Simone

Tackle Your Business Tasks Efficiently In 2024

Imagine you wake up knowing that by the end of the day, a crucial aspect of your business will be completely transformed.  No more sleepless nights worrying about your website, your manual business operations, ranking on search engines locally for your business or finding it difficult to setup & integrate technology online.


✅ Even if you have no prior experience in web design or development.

✅ Even if you feel overwhelmed by the thought of automating your business processes.

✅ Even if your sales funnel has been a daunting task on your to-do list for months.

✅ Even if you’re juggling multiple responsibilities and have little time to dedicate to these projects.

✅ Even if you’ve tried DIY solutions before and didn’t get the results you wanted.


❌ Without needing any technical skills or coding knowledge.

❌ Without spending a fortune on expensive consultants or agencies.

❌ Without dedicating weeks or months to complete a project.

❌ Without disrupting your daily business operations.

❌ Without the frustration of figuring it all out on your own.



1. What is a VIP Day?

A VIP Day is a focused, one-day session where we work together to achieve a specific goal for your business.  Whether it’s creating a stunning website, setting up automated workflows, or designing a sales funnel, we get it done in just one day.  Full days run undistracted between 9am to 5pm BERMUDA (AST) time – exceptions can be made based on your timezone 😊

2. What types of VIP Days do you offer? We offer five types of VIP Days:

  • Website Magic VIP Day: Get a custom-designed, professional website up to 3 pages that attracts and converts more visitors.
  • Automation Magic VIP Day: Get 1 streamlined business operation with customized automated workflow to save more time.
  • Funnel Magic VIP Day: Get a powerful sales funnel that guides your prospects from initial interest to final purchase.
  • SEO Magic VIP Day: Improve your online visibility and local search engine rankings with a targeted SEO strategy.
  • Online Tech Magic VIP Day: Solve your online tech setup or website maintenance-related challenges in just one day.

3. How do I prepare for my VIP Day?

Once you book your VIP Day, you will receive an onboarding email with videos and instructions on how to prepare.  These will guide you through everything you need to do before our session begins.

4. When do I pay for my VIP Day?

Payment is made upfront when you book your VIP Day.  This ensures your spot is reserved and we can focus entirely on your project during our session.

5. Can the VIP Day be done virtually?

Yes, all our VIP Days can be done virtually. We use video calls and online collaboration tools to work together no matter where you are.

6. What do I need to have ready for the VIP Day?

You’ll receive a detailed preparation guide in your email, but generally you’ll need to have any content, ideas and tools or login access required related to your project provided in advanced to ensure success.

7. What happens after the VIP Day?

After the VIP Day, you’ll have a completed project whether it’s a new website, automated workflows or a sales funnel.  You’ll also get any relevant documentation and resources to help you maintain and use what we’ve created.

8. Can I book more than one VIP Day?

Yes, you can book multiple VIP Days if you have more than one project you want to complete. Each day will focus on a specific area to ensure we achieve the best results.

9. Is there any follow-up support?

Yes, each VIP Day includes one 60 minute follow-up session to ensure everything is working smoothly and to answer any questions you might have.

10. How quickly can I book a VIP Day?

Availability can vary, so it’s best to book as soon as you’re ready.  Once you make your payment, we’ll schedule your VIP Day and send you the preparation materials.

11. What is the refund policy?

Due to the nature of this service, no refunds are offered once your VIP day is scheduled in our calendar.  Rescheduling is available though, if needed.  However, if you have any issues at all with accessing the calendar to book, please use the chatbot to contact me so I can assist you further.


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Website Magic VIP Day (virtual), Automation Magic VIP Day (virtual), Funnel Magic VIP Day (virtual), SEO Magic VIP Day (virtual), Online Tech or Maintenance Magic VIP Day (virtual)


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