2023 Ebook Course - Focus Media & Design

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You will have access to all of our FREE ebooks on growing your ecommerce business and more!

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TikTok LIVE Replays ($27)

Each TikTok Class on Shopify, WordPress, website design, website traffic, increaseing conversions rates and resolving cart abandonmants.  Each video will be uploaded within 24 hours and added to the series of LIVES.  Get in early before the price increases by $10 after each LIVE.

Book A Discovery Session (30 mins) - $80

Get clarity on what your business needs in order to succeed. Book a Discovery Session with us and start working towards your goals! We'll take the time to listen to your story, analyze your current situation and come up with tailored solutions to fit the challenges you're facing. Unlock success today with Discovery Session – your go-to for clear direction, guidance & support.

Strategy Session Quick Wins - Focus Media and Design

Book A Strategy Session (60 mins) - $248

Ready to increase your online sales? Take advantage of our 1:1 Strategy Session to get a personalized video audit of your website and 3 quick ecommerce sales strategies tailored to your business.  In just one session, you can get the insight and strategy you need to take your ecommerce store to the next level and start getting more online sales. Invest in yourself and take action today!