I'm Interested in Working With You. What's your best contact method?

Thanks for your interest!  All communication is done by booking a discovery call, website audit or sending a direct message on our social media channels.

If you are a current client and desire a video call, use our client meeting booking calendar to schedule it for a convenient time.

What is needed to begin my website project?

We provide you with your own online project portal where you upload your items.

In order to work with us, you need to have professional, high resolution photos for your project.

You need to have ALL product content written out (names, prices, descriptions etc).

You need to have ALL page content written out (Home, FAQ, About, Return Policy, Shipping Policy etc).

What's the cost of a website?

We offer several services and payment plans to help you grow your business online!  Learn more here.

What is your current turnaround time?

Each 1:1 intensive coaching program is booked over a period of 4 hours to 3 days and we work to optimize your website for more sales (depends on which coaching program was selected).

Our turnaround time for our Shopify & WordPress ecommerce website DWY & DFY services is between 7 to 90 days (depends on which service was selected).   Each of our services have the turnaround times specified on the product page.

Do you have 1:1 coaching programs?

Yes, click here to see the coaching programs available. We have 1:1 and group coaching programs.

Do you setup and integrate payment gateway providers or Point-of-Sale Systems?

Yes, we setup and integrate payment gateway providers (Authorize.NET, STRIPE, PayPal, MBWay etc).  At this moment, we assist in integrating POS systems on a case by case basis.  Select the website service plan that suits your business needs.