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Simone Bang

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Like most business owners, I would love to just do my work behind the scenes, but I realize I have to put myself out there in the world to help and impact more business owners positively – so if you don’t know me already…

Hi, I’m Simone – An Online Business and Systems Strategist.

I’m also a Mom of 2 amazing humans add a shower singer.

I develop websites for aesthetics, functionality and to integrate systems and automated workflows to make business owner’s lives easier so that they can focus on what they love to do without the tech headaches!

I got my start with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in IT, Software Engineering.

One of my clients nicknamed me “the Website Doctor” after I fixed her website post-website audit and she got $890 in orders within 2 days – how awesome right?!

Let's discuss your online business needs

I’ve worked for several large companies in various industries.  I am a person who specializes in Software Development and I have many certificates to show for my achievements. My client testimonials and results speak for themselves too!
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